Ear Irrigation for Wax

NHS Lanarkshire has reviewed and revised their policy on ear irrigation for wax, removing the requirement for a GP to examine a patient's before treatment by a nurse.

If you feel that you may have wax in your ear, you can now self-refer to the Treatment Room at Central Health Centre by contacting the Main Reception desk in person or by phone.

There are certain situations where a nurse will not be able to assess you. These are listed below and you should arrange an appointment with your GP:

  • in young persons under 16
  • if there is a history of ear infection in the past 6 weeks
  • if there is a history of perforation of the ear drum
  • if there has been previous ear surgery
  • if there is a cleft palate (repaired or not)
  • if there is total deafness in one ear

Phone: Central Health Centre Main Reception 01236-731771

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